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Jacky Cheng
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  • carbon fiber heat lamp
    * Natural warm output
    * Day and neight useing
    * Energy saving
    * WATTAGE: 50w 75w 100w

The revolutionary new Leo Reptile ¡®carbon fiber heat lamp¡¯ uses cutting edge technology to produce the most natural and effective wavelengths of Infra-Red. These are ¡®Infra-Red-A¡¯ and ¡®Infra-Red-B¡¯. These vital wavelengths have been almost impossible to replicate within a lamp up until now.

Infra-red-A and infra-red-B provides heat deep within the muscle tissues, warming the animal throughout just as it would in the wild. This is the warm tingly feeling that you experience when you walk out into natural sunlight. 


The Leo Reptile ¡®carbon fiber heat lamp¡¯ provides essential heat deep into the body in a safe and natural way as a usable ¡®flood¡¯. This will allow captive animals to use heat just as they would in the wild, without the risk of overheating associated with tight beam heat lamps. 


The Leo Reptile ¡®carbon fiber heat lamp¡¯ uses far less power! In-Fact a 50w ¡®carbon fiber heat lamp¡¯ can outperform a 100w CHE or tungsten heating lamp. 


The ¡®carbon fiber heat lamp¡¯ has an internal reflector, this means far less of the heat is wasted. It also heats up very quickly, reaching target basking temperature in a fraction of the usual time.


The carbon fiber heat lamp should be used with a dimming thermostat


The carbon fiber heat lamp produces virtually no visible light and can be used throughout the day and night. It will not upset the important day/night cycles (circadian rhythms)


Reptiles associate heat with high levels of light in the day, as such The Leo Reptile carbon fiber heat lamp is ideal for use alongside  Leo reptile UVB bulbs and lighting fixtures


The Leo Reptile carbon fiber heat lamp really does have it all.