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Jacky Cheng
Product detail
  • Removable acrylic terrarium
    * Transparent, 360-degree observation
    * Easy disassembly and safe transportation.
    * no screws,fixed with rubber ring
    * No smell, easy to clean

Material: Acrylic
Thickness: 3-5mm
Size:accept your own design
Air Slots: height 1.5mm,prevent the spiders, gecko larva of escape

removalbe design , Easy disassembly and safe transportation,Saving transportation costs

Common size:
AC4:   150mmx150mmx150mm           AC5:   250mmx150mmx150mm
AC6:   150mmx150mmx250mm           AC7:   330mmx250mmx200mm
AC8:   250mmx200mmx330mm           AC9:   250mmx250mmx250mm

AC14: 250mmx150mmx150mm

AC15: 300mmx200mmx150mm
AC16: 200mmx200mmx300mm
AC17: 200mmx200mmx200mm