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Jacky Cheng
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  • ceramic heat emitter with working indicator light
    * with working indicator light
    * high heat efficiency
    * no light emitted,no effect on reptile's biological clock
    * ceramic emitter suitable for humid environments
    * terrarium space heater

Ceramic heating lamp is a very efficient and effective reptile tank space heater without visible light output.     
It doesn¡¯t affect reptiles¡¯ 24-hour activities, is a very suitable all-weather heating resource.
The working surface temperature can reach as high as 300¡æ, to avoid burning, please prepare anti-scald net. (Recommended LPJ2N,LCH8)
ceramic heat emitter without UVB and visible light output, is often used with UVB energy saving lamp
warning: don't touch the ceramic heat emitter when is working ,
             wait for at least 20 minutes after power down before handling

leoreptile PE304 indicator light ceramic heat emitter , add the indicator light ,can accurately, clearly display the working status 

Code                        wattage                          size(mm)     type          color
PE304   50w/60w/75w/100w/150w/200w      75x100      flat        white/black