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Jacky Cheng
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  • UVB metal halide lamp
    * UVB metal halide lamp
    * heat visible light UVB output all in one lamp
    * NO UVC output
    * suitable for Jungle, desert reptile use
    * aluminium lamp cup
    * ballast need

HQI UVB metal halide lamp(sunray uvb lamp) is an integrated product that combines UV, visible light and heat output all in one.

Its 4000k and 6000k color temperature£¨40°„spot and 60°„    flood designs meet reptiles°Į requirement for tropical living environment, either like rain forests or deserts.

We also suggest a complete lighting instruction including the choice of light bulbs, ballasts, reflectors, E27 lamp holders, wires and plugs applied for different countries. 

LCH2 is the recommended lighting instruction.

Note: Lamp changed every once a year

      The ballast is a necessary accessory for this product.

 Code   wattage   color temperature          bean angle          
PAR20     35W          4K/6K            40°„/60°„  spot/flood  
PAR30     35W          4K/6K            40°„/60°„  spot/flood    
PAR30     50W          4K/6K            40°„/60°„  spot/flood  
PAR30     70W          4K/6K            40°„/60°„  spot/flood                    

PAR38     100W         4K/6K            60°„/90°„  spot/flood                   

PAR38     150W         4K/6K            60°„/90°„  spot/flood