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Jacky Cheng
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  • Night light heat lamp
    * moonlight terrarium space heater
    * Simulates natural moonlight
    * Perfect for nocturnal viewing
    * provides heat,stimulates digestion and keep activity
    * not a 24hours heat source

UVA night light lamp( moonlight bulb) is a very good terrarium space heater ,Simulates natural moonlight
,Perfect for nocturnal viewing,without disturbing the animalí»s day and night cycle

the UVA night light lamp( moonlight bulb) is not a 24 hours heat source , so this lamp can be used together with daytime heat lamp or ceramic heat emitter as a 24 hours heat source
UVA lighting has no UVB output,it is often used together with UVB lighting and heating mats

Leoreptile LCH1,LCH2,LCH3 lighting fittings are good choose for the UVA infrared heat lamp

  code                   wattage                                     type  
  LM     35w/50w/60w/75w/100w/150w      R63/R80/R95